Tips for Cleaning Carpeting

So the other night I had some friends over for beers and lets just say the carpet took a beating.  The cleanup was not fun so I’m gunna give you some tips and tricks for easy and effective cleaning.

The Art of Maintaining Your Carpet

To clean a mat, just use soapy water. Even detergent will do. It degreases and removes stains. Remember to rinse the carpet foam and dry it properly. If you have a synthetic or cheap carpet, don’t worry. A simple regular passage of the vacuum cleaner should be sufficient to remove dirt. For pile carpeting, do not hesitate to suck in both directions, for better lift and to remove the dust.

However, when it is shaggy, remove the vacuum brush. It tends to break the fibers. It’s better to suck directly with the tip too. Or if you have major stains and want to play it safe, you can just hire a professional.

Common Mistakes

If you decide to include cheap or luxurious carpets in your spring cleaning, do not make these common mistakes.

– Never soak the carpet even if it’s just a car mat! Doing so may cause the colors to mix with each other.

– Always pre-test the household product on a small area, including white vinegar.

– Do not pour bleach, even a little with a sprayer. This is a very strong chemical which should be avoided completely.

carpetHow to Clean Very Dirty Carpets?

The technique of dry cleaning is best suited for wool carpets that need a simple refreshment. Cover the entire carpet in baking soda. Leave a minimum of one hour. Then use the vacuum cleaner without a brush. That’s it!

To clean a very dirty carpet, you have to be patient or hire a professional carpet cleaner. Obviously, a small car mat will be quicker to clean than a large area rug. Fill a basin of warm water. Add soap (or dishwashing liquid foaming too) and a few drops of ammonia. Spray with a pulverizer. Then take two clean washcloths and rub off all the dirt.

How to Remove Odors?

If there are odors from your carpet.  Maybe from (a dried wet carpet, pet urine …), only one solution exists! Simply sprinkle your carpet generously with baking soda. Leave it overnight and then vacuum it.

I personally hope that I never have to clean my carpets again as it’s a huge pain!


Trump Ramblings

trumpDonald Trump is the Republican candidate for the US presidential election. He will therefore need a running mate, a companion, someone who will stay with him smile during hard times. Here is a subjective guide of the potential running mates that were quoted in the press.

The People Who Might Help Him

Scott Brown

In theory, the former senator from Massachusetts is the nicer and brighter version of Trump. He is a distinguished and moderate Republican, who also knows how to speak to blue collar people, without necessarily rattling on Muslims and Mexicans. In practice, Scott Brown had a little trouble winning elections lately and seems relatively idle at this time. It could give a burst of respectability (which would be welcome) to Trump and, unlike him, he can boast of a real military experience.

chrisChris Christie

Unpopular in New Jersey and subjected to limiting the number of mandates that prevents imagine next year, the governor of “Bridgegate” has little to lose by getting involved with Trump. He is also willing to let the real estate magnate get into embarrassing situations, this as you might expect, is a major asset to Trump’s eyes. But without doubt he is also the most “serious” candidate likely to appear alongside Trump. You can say what you want to Christie, but he was prosecutor and governor of a densely populated state. Christie could be a sufficiently experienced asset to stabilize the office.

Bob Corker

On May 10, the senator from Tennessee was done waxing pumps by an “anonymous source” in Politico. From this source, Corkers experience in business is that he founded his own company and build-conformism, which would make him a good vice president. As consensual and fiercely conservative Republican and chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate, it is true that Corker would be a good option for Trump. He is also relatively old (63 years), popular in his home state, Tennessee, and could therefore do a great job.

Joni Ernst

The senator from Iowa, elected in 2015 under the banner of the Tea Party could appeal to Trump supporters who accuse him of not being a “real” Republican. In the end, some of his rightist positions could put off some of the voters which Trump will need to win the presidential election, but if it does it will not be harmful either.

rudyRudy Giuliani

According to the polls that I could find, the former mayor of New York has not completely lost his glowing reputation gained in the aftermath of Sept. 11, despite years of problematic decisions, electoral failures and bitter tone. Politically, he fits well with Trump and is known to be pugnacious on the issue of abortion and the rights of sexual minorities.

Rick Perry

The former Texas governor has made a big belly for president, but he has the kind of CV -a government experience, militaires- stripes that Trump likes. He also said the job of vice president interested him.

Jeff Sessions

The senator from Alabama has already agreed with the Trump campaign as an advisor for foreign policy and is not against the idea of accepting the position of vice president. His character is not boisterous, but he can count on the support of the conservative media and was the first senator to officially be appointed by Trump.

People Who Could Help but Wont

cageNicolas Cage

Widely regarded as the most admired man in America, Cage will bring seriousness and foresight to Trump, who badly needs it. Unfortunately for Trump, and the United States, Cage is now probably very busy and probably will not have time for the campaign.

Ben Carson

The good doctor remains in the heart of many Republican voters and might even succeed in subjugating a few trumpophobe diehards. Carson and Trump is the perfect match. Two ostensibly successful men who engage well against their policy, driven by the urgent need to save a country from the clutches of political correctness and incompetence of its leaders. The downside is that, like Trump, Carson is a pathological liar in series prone to exaggeration. A Trump-Carson ticket would be the most trumpienne possible alliance.


Susana Martinez

The Governor of New Mexico also has a big mouth and is not very insightful. In other words, in her style, she is a good trumpienne. She is also appreciated in her home state and she is a woman of Mexican descent, this is a big advantage for a candidate whose rate of opinions is favorable in women and non-whites. The big minus? She is clearly within the scope of a federal investigation for the sake of secret funding, which would not look the best if ever Trump seeks to criticize Hillary Clinton on the front of his troubles with the FBI.

As a Canadian I usually don’t get involved in US politics but I just couldn’t help myself here lol.

Welcome from Jeff Morrison

On October 27, 2014, the residents of Somerset Ward have the opportunity to bring about meaningful, results-based change for our community and our city. Change that will result in a more vibrant community. A more innovative community. A more engaged community. A more inclusive community. In short, change for the better. Whether it was leading the opposition to a new casino in Ottawa, successfully fighting for redevelopment of Somerset House, successfully promoting green buildings across Canada, or as President of Centretown Community Health Centre, leading the successful $3 million effort to expand CCHC, I have a proven track record at making change happen. My name is Jeff Morrison, and on October 27, I am asking for your help and your vote to change our community.

Please check out this website to learn more about me and my vision for our community. I’ve also benefitted from listening to hundreds of people over the winter and spring 2014 who shared with me their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions on how to make our community a better place for all. Those ideas have helped to shape my campaign platform document, which you can download from the “Platform” button above. I want to thank all of you who took the time to share your innovative ideas on how Somerset ward can be a community in which we can continue to take pride.