What Are The Most Common Plumbing Company Scams To Watch Out For?

Plumbing issues are never fun to look forward to, and unfortunately many of them are not something you see coming in advance. Most plumbers are honest professionals that do quality work at reasonable rates, but there are a number of scammers just waiting to prey on home and business owners and take advantage of them. In addition to reviewing businesses online and doing background checks on particular contractors, there are some common plumbing company scams to watch out for in particular.

One common plumbing company scam revolves around the materials they use. Some plumbing companies will tell their clients that they only use the absolute best materials, such as copper tubing or PEX piping that lasts at least a decade. They will charge the homeowner for these materials but then substitute in cheaper parts. You can beat this scam by asking the contractor for their parts list and then checking things out for yourself at a local hardware store.

When a plumbing crew comes in, ask questions about why each person is there and what their professional capacity is. Don’t let the company send an extra plumber or two just to run up the labor charges needlessly.

If your home is in a more affluent part of town, watch out for overcharging. Questionable plumbers have been known in the past to as much as double their normal hourly rates when they see nice cars in driveways, a pool in the backyard, or a premium television on the living room wall.

Get at least three quotes before having any project done. Your first quote might seem like a great price, but plumbing scammers do that to get in the door. Talking to at least three plumbers means one or two will not be scammers, and your instincts will tell you who the most reputable company is.