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Scientists Find New Fish Species

Scientists have the privilege of witnessing a natural and exceptional phenomenon in Lake Albert, the discovery of a new species of fish. Lake whitefish, a widespread fish that has existed for millions of years, has changed into a smaller species, in order to better suit its environment. To the naked eye, lake whitefish and other whitefish species resemble each other, except that their adult size is different.

Experts have, however, discovered, through a lot of testing for about 2 years, that they are in fact different species in their own right which have several different biological characteristics.

They do not eat the same thing, do not mate together, do not have the same growth, and the age of reproduction is not the same. The lake whitefish does not climb the River to spawn, unlike the smaller whitefish, “says an expert at the Universities, Canada Research Chair in Conservation of Aquatic Resources.
Smaller whitefish come from lake whitefish, but have evolved to adapt to its environment.

New Species of Fish

When comparing the two fish that came into the world in the lab at the uni, we see a very different behavior says John. In a large body of water, when you observe them, the larger one remains at the bottom and does not move much and the little one spends his time swimming between two bodies of water to find his food adds the scientist.

All these observations convinced the specialists that a new species was born. All that remains is to have it formally recognized, to complete the process.

This discovery is going to rock the fish keeping community.  Even smaller aquatic related blogs are going to be shocked at the findings.  The question is where do we go from here?  Nobody really knows.