Tips for Cleaning Carpeting

So the other night I had some friends over for beers and lets just say the carpet took a beating.  The cleanup was not fun so I’m gunna give you some tips and tricks for easy and effective cleaning.

The Art of Maintaining Your Carpet

To clean a mat, just use soapy water. Even detergent will do. It degreases and removes stains. Remember to rinse the carpet foam and dry it properly. If you have a synthetic or cheap carpet, don’t worry. A simple regular passage of the vacuum cleaner should be sufficient to remove dirt. For pile carpeting, do not hesitate to suck in both directions, for better lift and to remove the dust.

However, when it is shaggy, remove the vacuum brush. It tends to break the fibers. It’s better to suck directly with the tip too. Or if you have major stains and want to play it safe, you can just hire a professional.

Common Mistakes

If you decide to include cheap or luxurious carpets in your spring cleaning, do not make these common mistakes.

– Never soak the carpet even if it’s just a car mat! Doing so may cause the colors to mix with each other.

– Always pre-test the household product on a small area, including white vinegar.

– Do not pour bleach, even a little with a sprayer. This is a very strong chemical which should be avoided completely.

carpetHow to Clean Very Dirty Carpets?

The technique of dry cleaning is best suited for wool carpets that need a simple refreshment. Cover the entire carpet in baking soda. Leave a minimum of one hour. Then use the vacuum cleaner without a brush. That’s it!

To clean a very dirty carpet, you have to be patient or hire a professional carpet cleaner. Obviously, a small car mat will be quicker to clean than a large area rug. Fill a basin of warm water. Add soap (or dishwashing liquid foaming too) and a few drops of ammonia. Spray with a pulverizer. Then take two clean washcloths and rub off all the dirt.

How to Remove Odors?

If there are odors from your carpet.  Maybe from (a dried wet carpet, pet urine …), only one solution exists! Simply sprinkle your carpet generously with baking soda. Leave it overnight and then vacuum it.

I personally hope that I never have to clean my carpets again as it’s a huge pain!